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14 - 02 - 2013

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Minister for Public & Commuter Transport, Alan Kelly, has today announced over €8.3 million worth of sustainable transport investment projects for Cork City and suburbs.
The funding, which is part of the regional cities sustainable transport programme, will go towards improving the walking, cycling and public transport experience for city commuters.
Cork City and County councils will be allocated a total of almost €8.3 million for the local transport infrastructure and scoping studies for improved traffic management in the city. Cork City has relatively low public transport usage, just 8% of commuters in the city and the suburbs using public transport compared to 21% in Dublin. Cork also has a relatively low cycling share with just 2% of commuters using bikes to get to and from school and work.
Announcing the news, Minister Alan Kelly, welcomed the improvements to the transport experience of people in the city and hopes it will improve the sustainable transport use in the city.

“We want more people to use public transport, cycle and walk to work or school. But people need the necessary infrastructure to make the choice to change their mode of travel. This investment programme is a welcome step to improve local traffic pinch points and to enhance more sustainable transport patterns for the people of Cork City. We don’t have as much funding as we want but we are making the best use of what we have,” stated the Minister.
Among the key projects is almost €1 million euro spent between a new city centre movement strategy which will re-locate road space on the city centre streets facilitating public transport to decrease journey times and enhance the environment for pedestrians and cyclists.

A further €600,000 will be spent on improving access to Kent station as well as half a million to be spent improving the links to the city centre.
Funding will also be used to complete projects commenced last year with a new cycle route to connect the city centre to University College Cork and  cycle corridors to link both Douglas and the Ballyvolane to the City centre.
The monies will also see the completion of the first phase of the Carrigaline Green Route and commencement of the second phase to improve the bus and cycling provision along Maryborough Hill.

The Minister took the opportunity to re-iterate his commitment to bringing a bike-rental scheme to Cork city. An advertising programme seeking a potential sponsor for such a scheme was undertaken and Minister Kelly reported ‘good progress.'"
“I would be hopeful that Cork city can secure a sponsor for this scheme. The NTA and my Department are actively working on proposals and there is some time to run but there has been some interest in Cork city.”
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Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport. Tel: (01) 604 1090/ (01) 604 1087.
Project Name
Project Description
2013 Allocation (€)
Carrigaline Green Route - Phase 1
Contract due to be completed by February 2013. Funding allocation will allow for completion of the remainder of the works on the project and various contractual payments.
Glanmire School Access Project
Implementation of additional phase of the project to provide improved pedestrian access to school location in Glanmire.  Design was completed in 2012 - Implementation to commence in early 2013.  Location; Glyntown Heights, Glanmire.  Also provides funding for residual contractual payments from 2012 scheme
Cooney's Lane Junction Upgrade
Construction of  boundary wall and footpath, subject to agreement with the relevant landowner.
Cogan’s Corner, Carrigaline
Payment of remainder of fees for detailed design, payment for installation of lights at Foster's Cross and payment for road signing and lighting
Crosshaven Upper Schools
Completion of 3rd pedestrian crossing.
Passage West  Schools Access Project
Completion of works at Passage West, completion of contract for the final design of the 3 no. junctions.
Little Island Junction Upgrades
Junction upgrade at the Island Corporate Park junction in Little Island.   Also final contractual payments for  for adjacent junction upgrade completed in 2012.
Carrigaline Green Route - Phase 2
Final phase of this bus priority project, infilling a missing link along the Maryborough Hill section of this route. Approximately 60% of the overall route has been provided with bus priority and this phase completes the Green Route improvements on this corridor.
Douglas Village - Sustainable Transport Network
Further design development of a Sustainable Transport Network for the overall Douglas Village area. Design a cohesive and coherent plan for the sustainable transport elements identified as key elements in the Douglas Land Use & Transportation Study. Provides for improved walking, cycle and public transport facilities throughout Douglas and the project is complementary and congruent with Cork City Council Plans. Construction of certain elements of the plan will commence in 2013 at key pinch point locations, (e.g. provision of cycle / footpath links under N40).
Douglas East West Link
This link has been identified as the key infrastructural element of the parent Douglas Land Use & Transport Study. The project provides for an east-west link for public transport, walking and cycling and allows improved capacity for sustainable transport interventions in Douglas Village. This element of the project proposes to develop the plans to an initial design stage which will allow identification of the land requirement and the likely cost.
Bus Stop Upgrade
Proposal to upgrade sub-standard bus stop on an important and busy bus route.
Located at Clarkes Wood, Rochestown. Will improve safety for pedestrians and road users.
Metropolitan Cycle Strategy Implementation
Introduce improvements for cyclists at locations identified in the metropolitan cycle strategy, in the Douglas environs.
Will provide safer facilities for cyclists at prioritised locations in the Frankfield area.
Project Name
Project Description
2013 Allocation (€)
Parnell Place Improvement Scheme
Project to improve the regulation of traffic flow on Parnell Place through a reorganisation of the traffic lanes, the redesign of junctions and overall improvements to the  street environment.  It will provide a circulatory route for buses accessing the Bus Station at this location. Pedestrian crossing facilities will be installed along desire lines along with energy efficient public lighting. The final design will be consistent with the new public transport review recommendations and the cycle network which is under construction.
Kent Station to City Centre Linkage Project
The proposed works will create a quality cycle and pedestrian link between Kent Station and Cork City Centre as well as addressing the bus linkages between these two locations. This will include an inclusive detailed design of an integrated sustainable and public transport infrastructure which significantly enhances the accessibility of the City Centre, the bus station and Kent Station. The full extent of the works will be developed as part of the detailed design but will include junction upgrades, footpath and environmental improvements, bus priority improvements and provision of cycling facilities. Particular sections of carriageway and junctions will include: Patricks Bridge – Mac Curtain Street; Bus Junction - McCurtain Street & Summerhill; Bus Junction - Penrose Quay / Michael Collins Bridge.
Cycle Route: UCC to City Centre
University College Cork (UCC) has a large number of cyclists within their staff and student populations. Typically cyclists use Washington Street / Western Road or alternatively College Road / Probes Quay. The project will assess the available options and select the best route for cyclists between the City Centre and UCC. A package of physical measures will be constructed to facilitate existing cyclists and even greater uptake of cycling in UCC. The works will include dedicated cycle lanes, realigned traffic lanes, modifications to crossings and footways as required.
Green Route Junction Improvement Scheme
The annual Green Route performance report identified Denney's Cross, to the west of the city centre, as a junction where public transport services experience delays. This project proposes to introduce traffic management measures, such as modification to traffic signals and minor road alignment work to reduce delays and improve the efficiency and reliability of bus journey times for the public transport users.
Green Route Improvements (Asset Management)
To ensure the continued success and visibility of the overall green route network, an enhancement of signage and lining is required.  A programme for this purpose was proposed in 2012.
Ballincollig Green Route -  Phase 2 & 3
Finalisation of contractual payments on this substantially completed project, together with addressing an element of unfinished river bank protection at Curraheen River.
Douglas to City Centre Cycle Corridor
This is the continuation of an existing project and will see the completion of this cycle corridor in 2013.
Ballyvolane to City Centre Corridor
Provision of cycle infrastructure and pedestrian improvements along the strategic corridor between Ballyvolane and city centre. This include new cycle lanes, pedestrian crossing upgrades and improved traffic management arrangements. The project will include bus priority measures where viable.
Pedestrian & Cycle Route improvements
The existing lighting scheme on sections of Skehard Road includes public lighting columns in the middle of the existing cycle lanes giving rise to conflicts and unsafe provisions for cyclists. These columns need to be relocated to the back of the footpath . Improved pedestrian infrastructure on Churchfield Avenue would provide safer and more direct access for adjacent residents to nearby bus stops and green areas.
Boreenmanna Road
This project is currently under construction and it will be completed in 2013. It will provide improved pedestrian and cycle facilities along this road.
Skehard Road
This scheme entails the replacement of the existing sub-standard roundabout with a traffic signal controlled junction which will include safe pedestrian crossing points. The scheme includes realignment of the carriageway, provision of a bus lane, cycle lanes, footways, and other associated works.
Tinkers Cross
This junction on the North Ring Road experiences severe traffic congestion. Funding is being provided for the development of a detailed design to upgrade the R615 (Old Youghal Road) at its junction with the R635 (Cork North Ring Road).
Provision of Automatic Traffic Counters
This will provide for the installation of automatic traffic counters at 6 key locations on strategic routes to provide on-going information in relation to traffic movement and significantly improve the information available for transportation planning.
City Centre Movement Strategy
The works will involve the phased implementation of the measures identified in the City Centre Movement Strategy (CCMS) project completed in 2012. The proposed works are part of a new traffic management plan for the City Centre which will provide a more appropriate balance between the needs of each transport mode and result in improved reliability of journey times for buses and an enhanced environment for pedestrians and cyclists in the area. The project is current at Public Consultation. Subject to approval,  implementation will proceed on key elements in early 2013.
Strategic Network
Appoint consultants to review Network for cycling & walking; identify (and confirm) strategic corridors; assess and identify the sustainable mode benefits achievable on a segmented level based on a demand assessment of the corridors and prioritise an implementation plan.
Barrack Street - Phase 2
Part funding of this project. Barrack Street operates as an informal give-way system. The project will create a one-way system, therefore it will:- rationalise traffic flow, widen footpaths, improve other pedestrian facilities, reorganise loading / unloading, public lighting etc. and provide a safer environment for sustainable travel modes.
Dockland Junctions Upgrade
Ten junctions were examined in detail (a copy of the report is available) and measures were identified for each junction. These include new pedestrian crossings, tighter corner radii, traffic detection systems, traffic signals, widened footpaths, removal of a roundabout, road realignments etc. This proposal is to deliver a detailed design.
Church Road -Skehard Road Junction Upgrade
There is a considerable delay to traffic on Skehard Road on the west side of the of the Church Road junction. Because of this, buses are also delayed. A bus lane from Woodvale to Church Road is therefore required. The Church Road junction should also be realigned. This could be combined with the extension of the bus / cycle lane from Park Hill (eastern end of current realignment). Land acquisition will be required from Woodvale Road to Church Road.
Bus Routes -Improvements
Identification of delay factors on Green Routes and implementation of alleviation measures. This project will also allow for the continued evaluation of Green Route Bus corridors with the aim for less delays / improved speeds / better journey quality in tandem with the implementation of a programme to upgrade bus stops and immediate environs.
Walking Strategy
The works will include pedestrian junction upgrades and improvements in walking environment adjacent to two schools.
Smarter Travel Support Project
This project will implement localised solutions to support to sustainable travel modes to schools and places of work.
CASP Transport Model Update - Stage 2
The project involves Stage 2 of the work required to update and upgrade the Cork Area Strategic (CASP) Transport Model with the new 2011 Census and 2012 National Household Survey data.
Kent Station
This investment provides for the design and commencement of the implementation of new access arrangements to Kent Station, which will improve its connectivity and integration with the City Centre. The project will assess the feasibility of a connection to Horgan Quay and the incorporation of improved bus and taxi interchange. The design will be directed by a Steering Group consisting of Cork City Council, Iarnród Éireann and the National Transport Authority.

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