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Public Transport

The Department's strategic objectives in relation to public transport are

  • The provision of a well functioning, integrated public transport system, which enhances competitiveness, sustains economic progress, promotes balanced regional development and contributes to social cohesion;
  • The provision of a defined standard of public transport, at reasonable cost to the customer and the taxpayer;
  • To ensure the timely and cost effective delivery of the accelerated investment in the infrastructure and facilities necessary to ensure improved public transport provision.

Other Information.

The State Agencies under the Department's aegis in relation to public transport are:-

  • CIÉ
  • Bus Éireann
  • Bus Átha Cliath
  • Iarnrod Eireann
  • Railway Procurement Agency
  • Dublin Transportation Office
  • Railway Safety Commission

Sustainable Travel and Transport

The Department's vision for a sustainable travel and transport future can be summarised in five key goals. We aim to:

  • Improve quality of life and accessibility to transport for all and, in particular, for people with reduced mobility and those who may experience isolation due to lack of transport
  • Improve economic competitiveness through maximising the efficiency of the transport system and alleviating congestion and infrastructural bottlenecks.
  • Minimise the negative impacts of transport on the local and global environment through reducing localised air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduce overall travel demand and commuting distances travelled by the private car
  • Improve security of energy supply by reducing dependency on imported fossil fuels.

The SmarterTravel Policy, launched in April 2009, outlines the various actions that will be implemented to achieve this vision, including actions aimed at reducing the distances travelled by car, and actions to ensure alternatives such as walking, cycling, and public transport are more widely available.