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Driver Attestations

Regulation 484/2002/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council amending Council Regulations (EEC) No. 881/92 and (EEC) No. 3118/93 for the purposes of establishing a uniform Driver Attestation came into force on 19 March 2003.  Under this regulation, the driver of a vehicle engaged in the carriage of goods subject to a Community Licence (as regards international transport) and who is a national of a non-member country employed by a haulage operator from a Member State must now also hold a Driver Attestation.

Irish haulage operators who employ non-EU drivers will now have to apply to the Road Transport Operator Licensing Unit for a Driver Attestation form in respect of these drivers to allow them to drive in other EU countries.

The Driver Attestation Application Form is available to download below.

Application for Driver Attestation
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10 January 2013