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Merchant Shipping Acts 1894 - 2005
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16 October 2008

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This document:-

· contains an introduction
· contains an index listing all the extant sections of the each of the Merchant Shipping Acts, in chronological order,  relevant to the subject heading
· provides a consolidated and annotated text of the extant provisions in chronological order, highlighting in bold italics
- the repeals or amendments to each provision, if any
- any other provisions in subsequent Acts which are of  general application. (Refer to the Appendix for full text of these other provisions).

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This document contains the full text of provisions, other than provisions providing for direct amendments, which are of general application in respect of each of the extant sections of the Merchant Shipping Acts.

N.B. It is important to note that these documents are designed for guidance and ease of reference only and do not purport to be a legal interpretation.  The Merchant Shipping Acts should be consulted at all times for legal references.

Original Acts from 1922-2005 can be downloaded from
More recent and current Acts and Bills can be downloaded from