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Marine Notices 2010
Marine Notice No. 35 of 2010 - Documents required by a radio operator in order to operate the ship radio station on board an Irish Ship
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30 November 2010

The Department of Transport wishes to advise that all Irish ships having radio communications or radio navigational equipment, which transmits radio signals, must hold a ship radio licence under the Wireless Telegraphy Acts. This is also a requirement under the International Radio Regulations of the International Telecommunications Union ITU.

The ITU Radio Regulation Article 47.2 specifically lays out the requirement for the operator of a ship to have a recognition or authorisation (Authority To Operate) issued by the administration issuing a ship radio licence, to a ship station. The applicable legislation in Ireland is the Wireless Telegraphy Act 1926; Wireless Telegraphy Act 1972; Communications Regulation Act 2002; and amending legislation, in particular the Wireless Telegraphy (Ship Station Radio Licence) Regulations 2006 (S.I. 414 of 2006)

In order to comply with these regulations, Ireland accepts the following documents as meeting the requirements on board its vessels:

1. An Authority to Operate document issued by the Department of Transport, Ireland.  This document may be attached to a radio operator certificate of competency or be a stand-alone document.

2. An Irish Certificate of Equivalent Competency (CEC) or Irish Certificate of Competence (COC) issued by the Department of Transport, Ireland, when such certificate states that the holder has a valid Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS), General Operator Certificate (GOC) or Restricted Operator Certificate  (ROC) qualification. An Irish CEC or Irish COC must be accompanied by the persons separate valid GMDSS, GOC or ROC qualification.

The Radio Regulations stipulate that the Ship Radio Licence issued by a flag state administration has no function if it is not accompanied by at least one radio operator on board the ship with the required documentation as outlined above.

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