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2nd Road Safety Report - European Transport Safety Council
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4 February 2011

Every year, about 40,000 people die in Europe as a consequence of road crashes. Many more are injured. While the number of road deaths is falling, studies have shown that faster progress is possible if all effective means are applied.

The European Union has set itself a target of halving the yearly number of road deaths between 2001 and 2010. The European Commission's Mid-Term Review of progress toward this target has however shown that Europe is off target and greater efforts are needed (EC 2006), at both the European and national levels.

Against this background, the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) set up, in April 2006, the Road Safety Performance Index (PIN) as an instrument to spur European countries to greater efforts to enhance road safety. In a series of rankings, the Road Safety PIN ranks countries' performance in many areas of road safety work. The findings are presented in a series of newsletters (PIN Flashes) and discussed in national debates. (PIN Talks).

During the second year, the Road Safety PIN measured countries' performance in four areas of road safety. The four indicators are all from the last layer of the road safety pyramid - final outcome.

  • To measure progress towards the target, we compared the reduction in the number of people killed since 2001
  • To evaluate the risk level of powered two-wheeler users we compared the number of PTW rider deaths per billion PTW km ridden
  • To assess the safety on motorways, we compared the number of people killed per billion km drive on motorways
  • The road safety of older people was expressed in terms of the number of road deaths among people aged 65 years and older divided by their number in the population

Please see attached document for the PIN Report.