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NCT Test: Due Date
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18 June 2002


To ask the Minister for Public Enterprise the reasoning behind issuing an NCT certificate for a period of less than two years to a new owner of a vehicle, when the previous owner had failed to bring the car for the test on time; the reason the new owner should be penalised; and if he will introduce legislation to address this anomaly.


In accordance with EU Directive 96/96/EC, passenger cars are required to undergo a roadworthiness test when they are four years old and every two years thereafter. The age and consequently the first test due date is determined by reference to the date of initial registration of the vehicle with subsequent test due dates falling every two years after the first test due date.  Where a NCT inspection does not occur on the original test due date, the NCT certificate is valid from the date of the test to the next test due date.  This is to ensure that the car is again liable for a test in accordance with the test schedule laid down in the Directive.  As ownership is not a criterion in determining the test due dates, I have no plans to change the present arrangements.