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Traffic calming in residential areas
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22 May 2003
To ask the Minister for Transport the way in which local authorities can avail of funding for traffic calming in view of the fact that not enough progress is being made in residential areas, especially in Dublin- Mary Upton.
For WRITTEN answer on Thursday, 22nd May, 2003.
Ref No:   14206/03
Answered by the Minister for Transport (Mr. Séamus Brennan)
The funding and provision of traffic calming measures is primarily a matter for local authorities.  In Dublin, in addition to funding from local authority own resources, co-funding for local authority traffic calming schemes has been made available in the past from traffic management grant funding administered by the Dublin Transportation Office.  In 2002, €2.25m of grant funding was provided to local authorities for traffic calming schemes. 
The determination of priorities for the allocation of grants from traffic management funding is carried out by the Traffic Management Grants Committee of the DTO and approved by the Steering Committee.  Local authorities are represented on both of these committees.
Priorities for the allocation of funding in 2003 were determined by the need to further implementation of the traffic management elements of Platform for Change.  They included the expansion and improvement of the Quality Bus Network, provision and improvement of cycle routes and pedestrian routes, planning and implementation of environmental traffic cells and facilities for people with disabilities, drawing up of Integrated Land Use and Transport Framework Plans and the carrying out of Regional Transport Projects and Studies.