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Height capacity of the Dublin Port Tunnel
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10 June 2003

To ask the Minister for Transport if he has received cost estimates of increasing the height capacity of the Dublin Port Tunnel by 0.1 metres, 0.2 metres, 0.3 metres and so on; and the basis on which he has decided that the benefit of achieving the extra usage of the tunnel would not outweigh the additional costs

Richard Bruton.
For WRITTEN answer on Tuesday, 10th June, 2003.
Ref No:   15366/03

Answered by the Minister for Transport (Mr. Séamus Brennan)


Design and construction of the Dublin Port Tunnel is a matter for the NRA and Dublin City Council as project managers.

I have not received estimates from the NRA or Dublin City Council of the costs of raising the height of the Dublin Port Tunnel on the basis set out by the Deputy or estimates of the benefits that might accrue from raising the height of the tunnel. Construction of the tunnel is proceeding as planned having regard to the extent of work completed to date, the potential high cost and substantial delays associated with redesign and reconstruction of work already completed and the fact that the tunnel, which is on a par with best international practice in terms of tunnel heights, will cater for over 99% of truck traffic entering and leaving the Port.  I will however keep the matter under review having regard to any additional information that becomes available.