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Press Releases for 2004.

Statement on Aer Lingus
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14 December 2004

Following a series of intensive meetings of the Cabinet Committee on Aviation, including a review of the Goldman Sachs report which has been published, the Minister for Transport today briefed the full Cabinet on the issues and challenges facing Aer Lingus. These challenges include in particular the need to position Aer Lingus for growth and to enable the company to have access to significant capital investment to facilitate that growth.

On the basis of that briefing, the Government mandated the Minister for Transport to engage immediately in intensive discussions on the future of Aer Lingus with the relevant stakeholders, including the trade unions on foot of Sustaining Progress. The first of these meetings has been scheduled for Thursday morning next, 16 December. Following that engagement, the Minister will revert to Government by the end of January next for a decision on future investment in the airline.

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