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Dublin Port
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24 March 2005

To ask the Minister for Transport the analysis which has been carried out in his Department of the transport implications of the projected increase in port traffic in Dublin Port as outlined in the latest national ports policy statement of the Department of Communications Marine and Natural Resources; if his Department has made any comments or submissions on the possible conversion of the south docks area to a new residential area as proposed by Dublin City Council; and if he will make a statement on the matter.

John Gormley. (Nominated by: Eamon Ryan).
For ORAL answer on Thursday, 24th March, 2005.
Ref No:   9747/05     Lottery:   34

Answered by the Minister for Transport(Martin Cullen)


The Programme for Government emphasised the importance of competitive access maritime transport and of ensuring that our ports are equipped for the demands of our growing economy through investment in and development of seamless transport systems between all modes. This has been pursued, in the case of Dublin for example, by Government investment in major projects such as the Dublin Port Tunnel, the M50 and its projected upgrade and the improvement of traffic management in the Greater Dublin Area generally.  In its follow up to the Governments Port Policy Statement, published in January last, which identifies, inter alia, the timely provision of adequate port capacity as a key challenge I know that the Department of Marine, Communications and Natural Resources is now consulting with the commercial ports to determine their view of port capacity and how they intend to deal with projected capacity requirements.  That Department is seeking to identify key port developments which are essential to deal with anticipated capacity deficiencies to 2014 and beyond. 

In line with the Ports Policy Statement the Department of Communications, Marine and Natural Resources will co-ordinate with my Department in evaluating such projects in order to ensure an integrated transport policy approach is adopted.

My Department has not commented or made submissions on the development of the South Docks.