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Press Releases for 2005.

Digital Tachographs to become mandatory from May 2006
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13 December 2005

The Department of Transport today (Tuesday, 13th December 2005) announced that the fitment of digital tachographs in new vehicles will not become mandatory until May 2006.

Last week, the European Parliament and the European Council reached agreement on the new drivers' hours Regulation. The new Regulation provides that the fitment of digital tachographs in new vehicles will become mandatory throughout the EU twenty days after the publication of the new Regulation in the EU Official Journal.  The Regulation is due to be published in April 2006, after which digital tachographs will become mandatory for new vehicles - from early May 2006.

Until then (May 2006), haulage and bus operators may register new vehicles in Ireland that are fitted with either analogue or digital tachographs. In this regard the approval of workshops for digital tachograph calibration is already underway and the smart card issuing system is currently being finalised.

The Department of Transport will continue to monitor developments at national and EU level and will make further announcements in due course.


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Note for News Editor

Tachographs are devices fitted to lorries and buses over a certain size which are used to record drivers' activities, notably driving time. Digital tachographs will record drivers' activities electronically and store them in digital memory rather than on paper which is the position today. The new digital devices will be more secure than the analogue tachographs and will provide significantly improved information for both operators and enforcement officers.