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Marine Notices 2001


Marine Notice No 4 of 2001 - Recovery Of A Data Gathering Buoy From The Irish Sea
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6 August 2006

To All Shipowners, Agents, Shipmasters, Navigating Officers, Fishermen, Yachtsmen And Seafarers  

The Department of the Marine and Natural Resources has been advised by Marine Technical and Development Services Ltd. that a data gathering buoy has been temporarily recovered from the North Irish Sea at position:

    Latitude: 53 ° 46.4 N
    Longitude: 05° 38.4 W

It is expected that the data buoy will be re-deployed later this year.  A further Marine Notice will be issued prior to the re-deployment of the data buoy.

Marine Notice No. 25 of 2000 issued in relation to the buoy is hereby withdrawn.

Any enquiries concerning Marine Notices should be addressed to Maritime Safety Division - Tel: 01-6199359; Fax: 01-6620774.

Department of the Marine and
Natural Resources
Dublin 2.

15 February, 2001