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Coast Guard Team information
Coast Guard Teams
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26 June 2009

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Coast Guard Units and their Stationhouses ( sometimes known locally as 'The Rocket House'  from using the old Breeches Buoy rescue rockets) are positioned at strategic locations around Ireland and possess initial action fast response equipment with adequate geographical range. This kit includes radio communications systems, cliff rescue gear, rescue, patrol, transport and search boats, response vehicles, line throwing apparatus, first aid equipment, personal protective equipment, uniforms, portable generators and lights and day and night search gear.

All Units are operated totally by local crews (live within 10 minutes of the Stationhouse) who give freely of their valuable time and effort to the Coast Guard, local community and 'those in peril on the sea', cliffs and coasts of Ireland. Training is provided for volunteers, who are available on-call, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A building programme to upgrade the Units' station houses is on-going.

Coast Guard Units