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Coast Guard Teams
Mulroy Coast Guard
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18 January 2007

The Mulroy Team located near Downings Pier, Co. Donegal, is led by Mr. Joseph Boyce, Area Officer. The Unit is a coastal, cliff rescue and boat rescue Unit.

The new building and launch of Mulroys 7.9m Foyle class rib by the Minister of the Marine Pat the Cope Gallagher took place on Saturday 7th May 2005. Below please find photographs (click on image for higher resolution) from the day together with extracts from the Ministers speech.


The Press release:

"Marine Minister, Pat the Cope Gallagher, T.D., today officially opened a new Irish Coast Guard Station House in Mulroy, Co. Donegal. The new building and its accompanying equipment was constructed at a total cost €242,000, provided as a part of the Department of Communications, Marine & Natural Resources building programme for Coast Guard Units.


Speaking at the opening Minister Gallagher praised the dedication of the Coast Guard and acknowledged the sacrifices that they make in order to help and protect others. "I commend the women and men who have worked for and with our marine emergency services and are available and prepared to respond 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Their work brings joy as well as pain and can be physically and emotionally draining. Their selfless giving of time and talents are greatly appreciated," he said.


The new station house is a centre from which the unit can carry out its work and provides secure storage from the elements for its valuable equipment. This equipment includes a 4-wheel drive vehicle and an all terrain vehicle with trailer. The Minister also presented the Mulroy Coast Guard Unit with a new Foyle Class Rigid Inflatable Boat for use in rescue operations.

"A total of €242,000 in funding has been provided by my Department for the development of the Station House and its equipment. This underlines the importance this Government attaches to the safety of those on the water," said Minister Gallagher.


The Minister also re-iterated the importance of Water Safety literally a matter of life and death. "As an island nation, we have a duty to do all in our power to protect the lives of the men and women who daily put their lives at risk to maintain our maritime lifeline and who use our seas, inland waterways, cliffs, mountains and seashores for commercial and recreational reasons. This duty falls to my Department and to the permanent and voluntary rescue organisations that alone have the skills to meet such dangers."


The Irish Coast Guard has issued a safety message for 2005 and its sound advice is as follows:

If you are going boating this summer "Keep in Touch":

  • Tell someone ashore where you are going and when you will be back.
  • Carry a marine radio and distress signals and know how to use them.
  • Never go out alone.
  • Plan your trip carefully.
  • Always wear a properly serviced, approved Personal Flotation Device its the Law."

"Finally If you see someone in difficulty dial 999 or 112 and ask for the Coast Guard," he concluded.