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Overcrowding on the Luas
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21 February 2007

To ask the Minister for Transport his plans to reduce overcrowding on the LUAS.

- Seán Crowe.

For ORAL answer on Wednesday, 21st February, 2007.

Ref No:   6475/07

To ask the Minister for Transport the measures that have been proposed to tackle overcrowding on the LUAS.

- Arthur Morgan. (Nominated by: Seán Crowe).

For ORAL answer on Wednesday, 21st February, 2007.

Ref No:   6482/07

*To ask the Minister for Transport his proposals to increase the daily capacity of the LUAS in advance of Transport 21; and if he will make a statement on the matter.

- Bernard J. Durkan.

*    For WRITTEN answer on Wednesday, 21st February, 2007.

Ref No:   6900/07     Proof:   282

Answered by the Minister for Transport

(Martin Cullen)


I propose to answer Question Nos 106, 174  and 267 together.

The popularity of the existing Luas network continued to grow in 2006 with an increase of 16% in passenger carryings compared to 2005.  Last year, Luas carried 25.8 million passengers of which 13.7 million traveled on the Red line and 12.1 million on the Green line.

The success of Luas has already demonstrated that light rail is an essential and popular component of the public transport infrastructure for Dublin and over the coming years, the Luas and Metro elements of Transport 21 will bring the benefits of this modern and efficient mode of urban transport to a much wider commuter base.

To cater for the higher demand, the RPA increased the peak-time frequency on the Green line last year from 5 to 4 minutes and instituted a special shuttle service on the Red line between Heuston and Connolly Stations.  In addition, the RPA is in the process of providing a 40% increase in capacity on the Red line by increasing the length of the 26 trams from 30 metres to 40 metres.  The first of the new extended trams will enter service in May 2007 and the tram extensions will be completed in 2008.

In addition, for the medium-term, my Department recently gave approval to the RPA to purchase eight trams for use on the existing Luas network and it is expected that these additional trams will be in service by the end of 2009.