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Upgrade of the M50
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2 November 2006

Dáil Question

No:  11

To ask the Minister for Transport if he is confident that the upgrade of the M50 will be substantially completed to coincide with the opening of the second terminal at Dublin Airport; and if he will make a statement on the matter.

- Seymour Crawford. (Nominated by: Shane McEntee).

For ORAL answer on Thursday, 2nd November, 2006.

Identical Question(s): with 90

Ref No:   35792/06     Lottery:   6

Answered by the Minister for Transport (Martin Cullen TD)



I understand that Terminal 2 at Dublin Airport is due to be completed by late 2009.  This is broadly in line with the 2008 2010 completion dates for the phased completion of the M50 upgrade.  The principal agencies involved in these projects i.e Dublin Airport Authority, Fingal County Council and the National Roads Authority have cooperated and consulted closely in the planning stages of the Terminal 2 project.  I have encouraged this consultation and cooperation.  I envisage this cooperation continuing to ensure that the completion of these essential infrastructure projects is harmonised, to the maximum possible extent.

The overall responsibility for the planning, design and implementation of national road improvement projects, including the M50 upgrade, is a matter for the National Roads Authority (NRA) and the local authorities concerned.  I have no function in relation to the day-to-day operation of these projects.

In addition, the statutory power to levy tolls on national roads, to make toll bye-laws and to enter into toll agreements with private investors in respect of national roads, including the M50, is vested in the National Roads Authority (NRA) under Part V of the Roads Act 1993 (as amended by the Planning and Development Act 2000). 

The upgrade work on the M50 is being undertaken in three phases.

Phase 1 comprises the widening of the carriageway between the N4 (Galway Road roundabout) and Ballymount interchanges and the upgrading of the N4, N7 and Ballymount interchanges.  This work is currently under way and is expected to be completed in mid-2008. 

Phase 2 which is being administered as a Public Private Partnership project will comprise of the widening of the remainder of the M50 (other than the 3.2km West-Link section between the N3 and N4 junctions) and the upgrade of the other interchanges.  The contract for Phase 2 is to be awarded in 2007 and construction is expected to be completed in 2010.

Phase 3 comprises the widening of the 3.2km West-Link section between the N3 and N4 junctions which is expected to be completed by mid 2008.

Separately the NRA are procuring the replacement of the current West Link toll plaza with barrier free tolling.  It is intended that this will be introduced during 2008 in tandem with the completion of phase 1 of the M50 upgrade.